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September 11, 2012:  Buggery & Butchery

Author’s Note:  For those who’ve read The Most Dangerous Book in the World, you’ll be able to follow along rather easily with this blog post.  The rest of you, well, good luck.

Benghazi, Libya – It was a protest gone awry, we were told, a protest over a YouTube video denigrating the prophet of Allah—like the uproar over the cartoons of Muhammad published in the Danish newspaper in 2005. Only come to find out there was no protest and there were no protestors. Who brings RPGs to a demonstration, anyway? (Okay, we are talking about the Middle East.)

It was just a rowdy gathering over some film, and although it did occur on September 11th, it just got out of hand, never mind that the video has been around for some time.  U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice made the rounds on all the Sunday talk shows five days after the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, reassuring the American people that there were no indications that this was anything other than a block party gone wild—no premeditation, no planning.  Damn strange, then, that this spontaneous eruption of violence turned into a five-hour gun battle, and that the angry demonstrators somehow seemed to know the locations of safe houses in the area.

It Just Looks Like a Terrorist Attack

The U.S. Consulate in Benghazi was attacked on the anniversary of 9/11, but we have no reason to think that it was a terrorist attack.  And we had no reason to suspect that it would happen.  And nobody ever imagined that terrorists would use commercial airliners as weapons.

Despite multiple warnings of an attack in Benghazi, as well as previous attacks and attempted attacks on U.S. interests in the area, and intelligence indicating a growing, if not imminent, threat to U.S. property and personnel, few proactive measures were taken.  In light of the above, one might be tempted to view the inadequate level of security not merely as negligent, but as an outright set-up.  This was not a failure of imagination, or of intelligence, or of security. This was a well-executed plan, and I’m not referring to the plans of the gun-toting fiends who carried out the physical assault on the consulate.

All the classic signs are there:  never-ending changes in the official story, contradictory statements replete with complete reversals of fact, seemingly absurd claims that defy logic and common sense.

Just as with the ever-morphing accounts of the bin Laden raid, the truth is a constantly-moving target. (And on that subject, if you think the top brass at the Pentagon were genuinely surprised by the appearance of No Easy Day, a book allegedly written by one of the members of Seal Team 6 who was part of the operation—or that somehow its publication wasn’t part of the highly-scripted bin Laden soap opera—well, I’d guess that you probably never questioned why Osama bin Laden looked dramatically different in every one of the videos he supposedly released post 9/11.)

Same Song, Different Verse
An attack by Muslim extremists on September 11th as a generally convincing cover story—if that doesn’t ring a bell for you, just give up, because you won’t be able to recognize all of the intentional misinformation and disinformation for what it truly is:  not the bureaucratic ineptitude or incompetence it seems to be, but rather the footprint of an ongoing, extremely sophisticated program of psychological warfare directed at the global public. 

We’re so busy chasing the rabbits they let loose that we fail to grasp the broader reality—it’s all scripted.  And in our attempts to nail down “the truth”, to find out what the current administration might be hiding and why or who’s to blame, we completely miss the deeper-level programming, the dark humor and the mockery, not to mention the occult references and symbology.  But we’re not ready to go there, not yet.

Gay Pride and Jihadists Don’t Mix
U.S. Ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens was among the four casualties of the attack on 9/11/12, and was the first U.S. ambassador to die in office since 1988.  Some reports indicate ties between those involved with his killing and al Qaeda, which is of particular interest for a number of reasons, including the fact that the U.S. government armed and supported hard-core jihadists in Libya during efforts to overthrow Muammar Gaddafi—jihadists with known connections to al Qaeda.  Of related interest is that Stevens reportedly played a central role in recruiting jihadists to fight Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria.

Reports also surfaced asserting that Stevens had been appointed as ambassador to this Muslim nation despite being a known homosexual, homosexuality being illegal in Libya as well as highly offensive to Muslims in general.  Some of the more sensational reports claimed that Stevens had been sodomized pre- and post-mortem, with the sodomizing of his corpse being an act Muslims use to show the “utmost disrespect to the body,” a great insult in Islam reserved for homosexuals.

Some have observed that it would have been not only offensive to the host nation for the U.S. to appoint an openly gay man as ambassador, but that this would have knowingly placed Stevens’ life at risk, as well.  In the aftermath of the Benghazi attack, commentators on the far right noted that the Obama administration has spent U.S. taxpayer dollars to funds gay pride events overseas, with these actions prompting backlashes in a range of foreign countries, including Italy, Russia and Pakistan, where locals rioted outside the U.S. embassy and burned American flags.

Whether there’s any truth to Stevens being gay or not, the accounts of his rape seem to conflict with reports that he asphyxiated due to smoke inhalation.  Various news stories indicate that he was found still alive, taken to a nearby hospital and resuscitation efforts undertaken for 90 minutes.

Sodomy and Gomorrah
Gay or not, sodomized or not, the truth will probably never be known—and, in a way, it doesn’t matter, because Stevens’ alleged homosexuality and rape is already part of the public storyline.  It is also quite relevant here that the film which sparked riots in Cairo and elsewhere—but not, after all, in Benghazi—entitled, The Innocence of Muslims, portrays Muhammad as a necrophiliac, a pedophile, and, yes, a homosexual.  (I must admit that I attempted to watch the video and that I, too, after watching only portions of it, was offended to the point of committing violence, but not for the offenses to Islam, rather because it was so goddamn stupid and poorly acted.)

What’s my point?  Well, before you begin to think I’m a homophobe, I’ll tell you what the point is—all this emphasis on homosexuality on 9/11 is no coincidence, and I’m not just asserting this because I have a dirty mind or want to write a sensationalistic blog entry.

Readers of The Most Dangerous Book in the World know that on one level 9/11/2001 was a big fat Tribute to Aleister Crowley, “the wickedest man in the world,” who was a known bisexual and whose favorite sexual activity was buggery.  So, it’s September 11th, 2012, the eleventh anniversary of 9/11—11 being “my number” according to Crowley himself, as well as “the number of Magick in itself” and the “sacred number par excellence of the new Aeon”—and what happens?  A gay U.S. ambassador (hey, he didn’t have a wife or kids) is buggered and butchered by al Qaeda over a YouTube video portraying the prophet Muhammad as a faggot.

It’s more Crowley and more mockery on the 11th anniversary of September 11th.  And if that’s not enough for you, how about this—the name Christopher comes from the Greek Christophoros, meaning “the bearer of Christ”.  Yes, they sodomized the bearer of Christ in homage to Crowley and in tribute to Sirius, which, of course, 9/11 is keyed to in multiple respects.

Another Macabre Production
The much-touted Arab Spring is in reality more of a “Springtime for Hitler” (see Mel Brooks’ The Producers), ultimately designed to install Islamic fundamentalists in power across the Middle East in preparation for a showdown between the Western powers and Muslim nations.

If you’re stuck on the idea that these uprisings were the result of a closet-Muslim Barack Hussein Obama’s Islamic-friendly foreign policy, you are missing the bigger picture, and a lot of it.  And if you think that Christopher Stevens’ death was just an unfortunate result of Obama’s overly-aggressive pro-gay domestic and foreign policies, you’re stuck on Level One.

This was yet another macabre production from the psychopaths that brought us 9/11, a gay-porn snuff film in honor of The Godfather of Modern Satanism—they threw their pretty boy toy to the wolves to watch him get ground up into hamburger.  Christopher Stevens was the latest 9/11 sacrifice, added to the numbers of those who have gone on before him.

And if I’m right about what appears to be the frenzied laying of groundwork for the next World War, then one doesn’t have to look any further than the addendum to Most Dangerous for a compelling examination of what could well be the trigger for that conflict.

This little detail is really just too good to let go … remember the unscathed passport of one of the 9/11 hijackers found on the sidewalk beneath the Twin Towers by a civilian, and remember Mohamed Atta’s luggage that somehow didn’t make it on to his airplane and contained a treasure trove of information allowing investigators to identify practically everyone involved in the attacks?

A CNN reporter rummaging through the Benghazi compound found a seven-page notebook belonging to Ambassador Stevens, which, according to the network, indicated that Stevens was concerned about the “never-ending” security threats; Stevens also reportedly wrote that be believed that he was on an al Qaeda hit list.

Man, if the FBI ever manages to get to the crime scene, which nearly two weeks after the incident they reportedly haven’t been able to do, maybe they should dig around, too—I’ll bet there’s a photo album of all the attackers sitting around somewhere.


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S.K. Bain

S.K. Bain is the former art director of the Weekly Standard magazine, where he worked with William Kristol, Fred Barnes, David Brooks, Tucker Carlson and others for over five years.  During part of that time, the Project for the New American Century shared offices with the publication, and next door was the Philanthropy Roundtable, where Bain also art directed for Philanthropy magazine. The Roundtable at that point was under the leadership of John P. Walters, who went on to become President George W. Bush’s Drug Czar.

In the mid-nineties, Bain was art director for the Oxford American magazine when it was published by John Grisham and located in Oxford, MS. In 2009, Bain helped author portions of U.S. Public Law 111-11.

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  • Comment Link Tom Mellett Friday, 15 March 2013 06:42 posted by Tom Mellett


    I’d like to take the liberty here of reporting to you about some harrowing incidents local to me here in Los Angeles that occurred during 2012 which involve gruesome beheading, the gay sex trade, the infamous gay Canadian cannibal Luka Rocco Magnotta, and, according to Daniel Hopsicker, a clear connection to the Mexican drug cartels that is being obscured because the LAPD insists on seeing the beheading as a crime of gay passion.

    On January 17, 2012, a severed head was found along the hiking trail just under the HOLLYWOOD sign. (It was somewhat near the compound owned by Brad Pitt and Anjelina Jolie, but that may not be relevant.)

    The head was soon identified as belonging to Hervey Medellin, age 66, a retired flight attendant for Mexicana Airlines. First you’ll notice that his name is the same as that of the Medellin drug cartel, which ruled in Columbia between 1976 and 1993.

    Now it’s around 1993 that Hervey Medellin starts his career as flight attendant, which DH believes was a cover for his being a concierge for the drug cartel in Mexico.

    Then on June 4, 2012, the Canadian cannibal Luka Magnotta is arrested in Berlin. But when it is discovered that Magnotta had been living in LA as a gay escort during the time of Medellin’s murder, then speculation exploded out here that Magnotta was the Hollywood Sign killer.

    I’ll give you a link to DH’s story about it here:

    Meanwhile I had been keeping my two Internet Florida friends, Bob F and Peter L apprised of the situation out here. When it came out that Magnotta had undergone plastic surgery to make himself look more like James Dean, then I went to the Griffith Observatory and took photos of the James Dean bronze bust, in line with the Hollywood sign about a mile or so distant to the NW.

    Then there appeared a photograph taken of Magnotta in 2007 where he is in Hollywood, posing with the sign as the distant backdrop. If you draw a line from Luka there to the sign and then cross it with my James Dean line, the intersection is fairly close to where the Medellin head was discovered.

    An interesting connection for Angelinos with the date of discovery, January 17, 2012. The great Northridge earthquake took place on January 17, 1994. Then exactly one year later, the even greater Kobe earthquake happened in Japan. In 1998, Matt Drudge breaks the Lewinsky scandal. In 1991, Operation Desert Storm commences in Iraq. 1977, Gary Gilmore is executed in Utah. 1961, Ike delivers his famous “military-industrial complex”speech.

    As for the June 4 date: the very same day Magnotta was arrested in Berlin, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee concert was being held outside Buckingham Palace. In 1998, Terry Nichols was sentenced to life for the OKC bombing and in 1989 the Tiananmen Square protests were finally ended violently by the army.

    If you’re interested in researching this further, I’ll be glad to send you my photos as well as other links.

    Tom Mellett

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