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Announcing the Most Dangerous Book in the World


The Most Dangerous Book in the World, by S.K. Bain.

Bain’s book is Trineday’s latest declaration of independence from the mass hypnosis that has been directed at suffering humanity for so many years.

Like the murder of JFK, the events of 9/11 were a gigantic hammer-blow to the American psyche, but the fallout from the second tragedy has also had immediate and catastrophic global consequences, and this was no accident.

In the confusing swamp of lies, half-truths, contradictions and wild speculation surrounding 9/11, it is our natural inclination to throw up our hands and close our eyes to an evil we simply do not want to believe in. For those who have the stomach for unflinching inquiry, The Most Dangerous Book in the World will take you deeper into this historical rabbit-hole than you ever thought you could go. 

Maintaining a humorously cocked eye, Bain meticulously lays out an “occult script” for a satanic mega-ritual that was planned for decades, using age-old tools of mass mind control by terror, fine-tuned for the New World Order. Far from a fundamentalist conspiracy rant, the scenario is firmly grounded in serious knowledge of arcane practices, and the people, buildings and airplanes involved in 9/11, revealing a compelling tapestry of dark design scarier than anything Lord Sauron himself might have concocted – except it’s real. As the overlapping of dates, flight numbers, symbols, architecture, and personalities multiply, it becomes ever harder to shrug the evidence off as mere coincidence.

One need not believe in the existence of Satan and his evil minions to accept that ritual “magic” has been used to frighten and manipulate large groups of people many times for many purposes, including political and financial dominion. It is not even necessary that those who use these “powers” actually believe in the demons they symbolically unleash. The effect is what counts, and, as S.K. Bain shows us, it works like a charm.


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