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For starters, I haven’t been ignoring the Boston Bombings (and related shenanigans in Tupelo, Mississippi, West, Texas and elsewhere)—that’s the subject of my next book.  There’s too much involved to even begin to blog about it, but here’s the general framework:  2013 is the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination, “The Golden Jubilee of the Killing of the King” (say, that’s not a bad subtitle for the book … The Most Dangerous Book in the World, Continued.)

The same demented gang who brought us the 9/11 Occult MegaSpectacle is engaged in what is shaping up to be a year-long commemoration of one of their finest productions, the slaughter of a sitting American President in broad daylight within a trident-shaped memorial honoring Dallas’ Masonic heritage (otherwise known as Dealey Plaza).

I’m not going to say much more about Dallas or Boston here, other than to emphasize that the Golden Jubilee celebration is the broader context for another potential false-flag attack in mid-July.  I have noted enough possible markers and predictive elements that I believe this scenario warrants presenting—I believe you’ll agree by the time you’re finished with this piece.

Old Business
Before I get started, however, let me note for those of you who may have been following my “triple-crescent moon ritual” thread that May 10 did not pass unobserved by the global elite.  No, they didn’t attack CITI Field in Flushing, NY, as I hypothesized they might.  What they did do may have passed unnoticed by many, but it was a fitting completion of this ritual nonetheless.

On May 10, live on the Today show, the spire/communications antenna for the One World Trade Center was finally lifted into place (after a delay of some weeks caused by a dispute with the manufacturer, supposedly).   I explained the significance of OWT in Most Dangerous (its occult architectural significance, 1776 and all that), so I won’t repeat it here, but suffice it to say that they put the crowning touch on their monumental masterpiece on the day of the Ring of Fire over the Land of Oz (annular solar eclipse over Australia).

May 10 was also of course the final in a series of three crescent moon ritual Fridays, the first being July 20, 2012 (Aurora Batman shooting) and the second being December 14, 2012 (Sandy Hook), each separated by exactly the same number of days.

In keeping with this being a moon ritual, who do we find on 5/10 at Arlington National Cemetery, there specifically to commemorate the fallen heroes of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (the very wars initiated by 9/11 and the fall of the Twin Towers, which OWT replaced)?  None other than Prince Henry, son of Diana (who was herself sacrificed in a ritual, but that’s another story altogether)—come on, you remember the crescent moon goddess Diana/Artemis (sister of Lucifer).

So, no, our occult psychopath controllers didn’t whip up a new batch of sacrifices, but rather ritually evoked the dead of 9/11 and the contrived conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan—tens of thousands of sacrificial victims, whose memories they resurrected as part of yet another of their cruel and creative conjurations.

Scouting Around
When I first encountered this story, “National Scout Jamboree 2013 False Flag Insider Warning: Nevada Governor 2014 David Lory VanDerBeek” (link), I wasn’t particularly concerned.  The author makes some fairly general observations, and at first I saw no reason why the 2013 Scout Jamboree would necessarily make any more compelling a target for a false-flag attack than any other major event. (See here also).  After an initial general inclination to ignore the matter, however, I decided to give it the smell test—and, boy, does it stink (well, it has all the ingredients for a good old rotter in any case).

Without giving away the premise of my next book entirely, I can guarantee you that, just as Aleister Crowley was the guest-of-honor on 9/11, JFK was the focus of attention at the Boston Bombings.  Being acutely aware of this, as I began to examine the circumstances surrounding the Scout Jamboree, intriguing possible JFK connections began to materialize, but this was after I had identified certain other “run of the mill” markers, outlined below.

Checking Things Out
As discussed in the articles linked above, the Scout Jamboree will take place from July 15th through the 24th at the Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve outside of Mount Hope, West Virginia.  Now, the first thing to note is just how well the general framework here matches the familiar mold involving mockery and black humor that we’ve come to anticipate:  “an attack on the Boy Scouts of America at Mount Hope”.  Check.  Secondly, we should observe that hope is one of the three principle moral virtues of Masonic philosophy, the other two being faith and charity (Faith. Hope. Charity.)  Check.

Also worth mentioning is that while Bechtel co-owner Stephen D. Bechtel, Jr.—whose foundation donated $50 million to help purchase and develop the property that is now the National Scout Reserve—is a member of the Eagle Scouts, his son, Riley, the current CEO of the Bechtel Corp., is reportedly a member of both the Trilateral Commission and Bohemian Grove. Check.

Another Ode to JFK?
Recalling U.S. Route 77’s immediate proximity to Dealey Plaza (as well as the importance of the number 77 itself) from Most Dangerous, try to guess the number of the Interstate that passes less than five miles from Mount Hope, WV.  That’s right, Interstate 77.  I-77 would be a bad omen under normal circumstances, but combine it with the JFK-Golden Jubilee link and it spells double trouble.

That’s just the start of the Kennedy connections, though:  JFK was, of course, the first Boy Scout to become President, and he in fact delivered a presidential campaign speech in Mount Hope.  Further, one of three major performances during the 2013 Scout Jamboree will take place on July 20, which, in addition to being the annual date of Satanic Revels and the one-year anniversary of the Aurora (“Mother of Lucifer”) The Dark Knight Rises theatre massacre, is also, and perhaps most significantly, the 44th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, an event which came about as a result of Kennedy’s vision and leadership.

And lest you think I’m blowing this out of proportion:  1.) the week of April 15th, the date of the Boston Bombing saga, was the anniversary of the Bay of Pigs invasion; and, 2.) in Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, Michael Hoffman discusses the importance not only of “The Killing of the Divine King” but also of the “The Bringing of Prima Materia to Prima Terra” (ie., the moon landing) in Masonic philosophy.  Check.

The F-Word
Unfortunately, we’re not done here:  Mount Hope is located in Fayette County, WV, “Fayette” being one of the cryptocracy’s favorite repetitively-employed memes/name games (such as, per Hoffman,  “Wicker”, as in “Wicked King Wicker” and “The Wicker Man” and Senator Roger Wicker, but that’s covered further in the next book).  Fortean philosopher William N. Grimstad, long-time associate of Michael Hoffman, was one of the first to write about “The Fayette Factor” in an article in a 1978 issue of Fortean Times.

What we’re finding here is that familiar clustering of phonetic and memetic markers that are the hallmarks of our masters’ occult tradecraft.  Could all of this—Mount Hope, I-77, Fayette County, John F. “The Boy Scout President” Kennedy—be coincidence?  Certainly, but, as we know all-too-well, these things could also be indicators of a sophisticated and sinister plot to do bodily and/or psychological harm to our fellow citizens.

The Mothman Prophecies, Continued?
Before we attempt to draw any firm conclusions, however, we should look deeper at the geographical area involved here, as we may gain additional insight from doing so.

Just over 100 miles northwest of Mount Hope is Point Pleasant, WV, location of the bizarre events described in John A. Keel’s book The Mothman Prophecies.  However, the first sighting of the Mothman during that era was not in Point Pleasant, but in Clendenin, WV, a little over half the distance, as the crow flies, from Mount Hope to Point Pleasant.  To say that Mount Hope is in the heart of Mothman country would then be stretching things a bit, but it’s certainly close enough to be worth considering in this situation.

We’re well familiar with how fond the architects of reality are of revisiting the sites of their past rituals and transgressions against humanity (recall from Most Dangerous the Sarasota/Venice-9/11 link as but one example), and, as it turns out, it just may be that there was a good deal more going on in Point Pleasant than even most of those who are familiar with the book (or the movie of the same name based on it) are aware—more than a giant flying red-eyed biped and strange phone calls.

The Mason County Black Op
The first thing I’d like to point out is that Point Pleasant is located in Mason County.  The second fact I’d like to bring to your attention is that the wreckage analysis of the Silver Bridge showed that its collapse was due to a defect in a single link, eyebar 330.  (Perhaps of increased interest in light of these facts are the statements of a witness who reported seeing two men climbing on the bridge the day before the tragedy.)

Investigative researcher/author Jim Keith was among the first to speculate that Point Pleasant was used as some type of “test tube”, the setting for a black ops experiment, and to explore the CIA/Men-in-Black connection.  [Source]

Writing in Casebook on the Men in Black, Keith states:  “During the period of the Mothman encounters, black limousines prowled the Point Pleasant area, stopping at rural homes. Deeply tanned men proclaimed themselves to be ‘census-takers’ and showed an inordinate interest in the children of the households.”  Keith continues:  “People in the rural areas also reported seeing mysterious unmarked panel trucks which parked in remote locations for hours, and were rumored to be Air Force. Men in coveralls worked on telephone and powerlines.

“A thirtyish blond woman visited people in Ohio and West Virginia, telling people she was John Keel’s secretary, and filling out lengthy forms with information about health, income, family background, the types of cars the people owned, along with questions about UFO and Mothman sightings. Keel, naturally, did not have a secretary.” 

A JFK-Mothman Connection?
West Virginia native and investigator/author/filmmaker Andrew Colvin ties together military intelligence and the nearby Defense Logistics Agency as well as industrial concerns such as I.G. Farben, Union Carbide, General Motors and others—pointing to the possible use of a paranormal/UFO/MIB guise as a cover for post-war military-industrial projects.  [Source]

In fact, some researchers assert that the architects who designed the WWII TNT Factory outside Point Pleasant also worked on both the Manhattan Project and the fabled Area 51.  [Source]

Other researchers have even gone so far as to posit an actual JFK-Mothman link, asserting that certain suspected JFK-assassination-figures were active in Point Pleasant during the Mothman/Silver Bridge incident (claiming, for example, that David Ferrie was likely Mothman’s “Frightwig” MIB, or that CIA pilot Fred Crisman was involved with both events), believing that the evidence points toward an international military intelligence-FBI-mobster-banker operation emanating partly out of Ohio and neighboring Toronto.  [Source]

Jubilee at the Jamboree?
What does all this mean, though?  It means that the general vicinity we’re considering is the old stomping grounds of the folks that pulled off 9/11 and the Boston Bombings and dozens of other false-flag events/public rituals.  It means that, in combination with all of the other evidence we’ve considered, we have, potentially, one more good reason to suspect that this particular locale would be laden with meaning and significance for the sadistic, occult-driven fruitcakes that make their livings pulling these sorts of things off in plain sight.

It means that the 50,000 plus Scouts and their families, which will temporarily balloon the population of Fayette County up by around 300,000 souls to over twice its normal size, could well be sitting ducks after all as they enjoy the festivities at the 2013 Scout Jamboree.

To put matters into even clearer perspective, we should note that these events have historically featured a heavy police and military presence, for both security and recruiting/indoctrination purposes, and this year will be no different.  So, as I indicated at the outset, this event has all the ingredients necessary for a good-old-fashioned false-flag/public ritual/black op/psy-op.

Will, then, the celebration of the Golden Jubilee of the Killing of the King be continued at the 2013 National Scout Jamboree?  We shouldn’t let our hopes mount that it will not.

(Postscript:  As far as predictive programming is concerned, one can certainly see that the Boy Scouts have recently been thrust into the spotlight in a major fashion through the controversy surrounding their vote to admit openly-homosexual boys into their ranks.  If nothing happens during the Jamboree, this circumstance meant nothing; if something does happen, one could certainly argue that the timing of the controversy was indeed an indicator of predictive programming.)




It is written in Chapter VII of Book II of the Greater Key of Solomon:

The places best fitted for exercising and accomplishing Magical Arts and Operations are those which are concealed, removed, and separated from the habitations of men.  Wherefore desolate and uninhabited regions are most appropriate, such as the borders of lakes, forests, dark and obscure places, old and deserted houses, whither rarely and scarce ever men do come, mountains, caves, caverns, grottos, gardens, orchards: but best of all are cross-roads, and where four roads meet, during the depth and silence of night.

Hence, it seems to me that by revealing the location of the next act of ritual magic as Phoenix, Arizona and the time as that of Christmas 2012, S.K. Bain had defused the situation and caused the perpetrators ... excuse me, the sorcerers ... to cancel their plans and seek another place, another time.  One could argue that Phoenix, Arizona is as desolate, dark and obscure a location as one could wish for in modern-day America, but having it revealed in so cavalier a fashion as Bain does in The Most Dangerous Book in the World rendered it unusable for the purposes to which such magical operations are usually designed: in this case, the casting of a greater magical spell upon the American people than the one that was cast eleven years ago.

The problem is a thorny one, indeed.  How do the operators of the ritual act known as September 11, 2001 now plan their next ceremony of darkness?  The occult requirements and parameters are well-known – not only to Bain but to anyone versed in the literature and technology of magic.  By revealing the essential nature of the rites, Bain has rent the veil from the temple, exposing the Unholy of Unholies for all to see. He has deprived the sorcerers of the “depth and silence of night”, for their machinations are now common knowledge in the light of day ... at least to those who have read Bain’s study of what I call “conspiracy cabbala.”  The next act of political ritual will have to take place in full view of the public, without the secrecy and mystification that have served the sorcerers so well so far.  
Bain says it may be on August 5th, 2013.  He links that date to the death of Marilyn Monroe in 1962 and the signing of the nuclear test ban treaty in 1963, among other events.  Readers of my own Sinister Forces may recall that August 9th, 1969 was the date of the Tate killings by the Manson Family and that August 9th, 1945 was the date we dropped the bomb on Nagasaki.  August 9th, 1969 was also when the Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland was opened for park visitors for the first time, after years in preparation and design.  Five years later Richard Nixon would resign as President of the United States.  So ... August 5th or August 9th;  let’s split the difference and say August 7th?  No matter ... as Colon Oberst sings, “Don’t know when but a day is gonna come.”
And the sorcerers may very well attempt it in broad daylight, as cynical as they have become and as contemptuous of the intelligence of the average American they have shown themselves to be.  After all, we have entertainment in the form of shows that ask if we are smarter than a fifth-grader, or which idolize the inarticulate grunts of the typical inhabitant of the Jersey shore.  We are told that what we are watching is “reality” television, the most absurd oxymoron imaginable.  So it will come as no surprise when the next “terrorist” act reduces another city or another monument to rubble, and we are told the same lies and half-truths we have come to expect from our elected officials ... and especially of those who have never been elected and who operate in the shadows.  
The sorcerers.
How apt that an operating meme for our time is the Wizard of Oz.  We know the Wizard is a fraud and a manipulator of consciousness ... and we don’t care.  We want to be entertained.  It’s like living inside a road show of 24 or Homeland.  We have dramatized and idealized our horror, elevating the slaughter of the innocents to the point where we can accept drone strikes on civilian targets (including, one day perhaps, American civilians ... after all, the Patriot Act and the NDAA permit similar atrocities), and the invasions of countries we know nothing about to advance agendas of which we are ignorant, as long as we can feel something, anything, about it.  We need the drama, and the sorcerers provide it.  Bread and circus.  It’s all about us, and the sorcerers use that moral imbecility, egotism and selfishness for their own ends.  
In other words, we are in a position similar to that of the pagan population of Europe in the eighth century when the Church walked in and told us we have Original Sin.  We bought that fairy tale, and now have to suffer the evil trolls, the monsters in the forests ... the possessing demons.  The Church tells us we all carry the sin of Adam in our souls, but that they can wash it away ... for a price.
The sorcerers tell us we all carry the sin of terrorism within our borders, but they can wash it away with massive human sacrifice and a blood offering.
(Since when have Americans become Aztecs?  Seriously?)  
These are some of the issues raised – rather more elegantly – in S.K. Bain’s major undertaking, this book you hold in your hands.  It is dangerous;  it seems to have resulted in an aborted mission in Phoenix.  But whether you buy into that particular spin or not is immaterial to the insight and knowledge you will get from reading this book.
It is, after all, your only defense against the sorcerers.  Sorcerers hate light and revelation.  Everyone who reads The Most Dangerous Book in the World contributes to their unease, and to their eventual and inevitable failure.
Reading is an act of magic.
Don’t be afraid to move your lips.

Peter Levenda – January, 2013


Chapter One

Ho, Ho, Holy Sh*T

December 25, 2012. Phoenix, Arizona. The unmarked white lorry-style delivery van traveled south down Interstate 17, taking the Capitol exit and then turning onto 17th Street, again traveling south until it stopped directly in front of the Arizona State Capitol building at 1700 West Washington Street. The driver sat motionless, eyes tightly closed, repeating “Allahu Akbar”—“God is Great”—over and over to the 9-1-1 operator…

In Paradise Valley and in other communities all across the Valley of the Sun, as the Phoenix metropolitan area is often referred to, children and their parents were awakening to a beautiful Christmas morning. The sun had risen about forty-five minutes earlier and was slowly warming the crisp morning air. Children were unwrapping their presents, families anticipating a day full of gifts, fellowship and food—the joys of Christmas. Peace on earth and goodwill toward men.


Are We There Yet?

by Peter Levenda

This is like no story of 2012 you have ever read.


The Mayans gave us the year 2012 as a deadline, a drop-dead date if you will. Now there has been a lot of mystification about 2012, an insistence that it signals the end of an era, or the end of the world. But we’ve been through this before.

We had the Y2K phenomenon, when everyone “knew” that the computer systems of the world—including those running power grids, nuclear plants, and military defences—would go off-line at midnight on December 31, 1999/January 1, 2000 to accompanying global chaos.

It didn’t happen.

Dazed and Confused

“There are so many gaping holes in the official accounts of 9/11 that no plausible coherent narrative remains, and until now we have been staggering forward as if the truth about these traumatic events no longer mattered.”

—Richard Falk, human rights lawyer

A Maze of Conspiracy Theories

There are so many conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11 that it’s impossible to keep track of them all, much less sort through and make any real sense of them. Which ones have possible merit? Which ones sound plausible, but have in fact been effectively debunked?

From the patently false statement that “nobody imagined that terrorists would use planes as weapons,” to suspicious insider trading in the weeks and days leading up to 9/11; from the inordinate number of military drills taking place on 9/11 (and a much-delayed response from the Air Force), to the unheeded warnings from multiple nations regarding suspiciously high levels of terrorist activity leading up to the event; from Bush family members in key positions in corporations responsible for providing security to the World Trade Center and Dulles Airport, to documented instances of the FBI failing to follow up on field agents’ warnings—there are in fact so many suspicious circumstances, unexplained anomalies, misleading statements (official and otherwise), and outright fabrications surrounding 9/11 (the detailed chronicling of which is far beyond the scope of this work) that it is easy to understand why a veritable 9/11-Conspiracy-Theory cottage industry has developed over the last ten-plus years.

Now The Most Dangerous Book In The World is available for purchase on as well as You can buy the book here



TrineDay Releases The Most Dangerous Book in the World

Investigative researcher-author S.K. Bain has not only gone outside the box, he has exposed a much bigger and stranger box than anyone has posited before, taking the reader inside the minds of the power-mad psychopaths responsible for the “New Pearl Harbor.”

Quote startIf the conspiracy theorists are correct in their suspicions, one could surmise that he was certainly in the right place at the right time to have gained insider knowledge regarding 9/11.Quote end

Walterville, OR (PRWEB) September 11, 2012

TrineDay proudly announces the release of The Most Dangerous Book in the World.

From the back cover:

Investigative researcher-author S.K. Bain has not only gone outside the box, he has exposed a much bigger and stranger box than anyone has posited before, taking the reader inside the minds of the power-mad psychopaths responsible for the “New Pearl Harbor.”

Meticulously reconstructing the occult-driven script for this ritual of mass terror, Bain yanks back the curtain on the unholy wizards behind the scenes, revealing their hidden agenda: Large-scale psychological warfare – built upon a deadly combination of black magic symbolism and high technology.

Bain’s frightening hypothesis is leavened with heavy doses of satire and humor, helping the reader wrap their heads around the truly perverted nature of the tyranny faceing America today, and the vast scope of the machinery of oppression that has been constructed around our populace over the last several decades.

In a weighty addendum entitled, The Next 9/11?, Bain moves into the world of speculative fiction. Once again making use of occult symbolism and numerology, he warns of a possible new and even more horrifying act of mass terror, coming this Christmas to Phoenix, AZ, and the rest of the world.

You’ll never look at 9/11 — or the world around you — the same way again after reading The Most Dangerous Book in the World!

“S.K. Bain notices things. He sees patterns in the dates, names, places, and documents that most of us either ignore or can’t see on our best days."  —  Peter Levenda, author of Sinister Forces

S.K. Bain is the former art director of the Weekly Standard magazine, where he worked with William Kristol, Fred Barnes, David Brooks, Tucker Carlson and others for over five years. During part of that time, the Project for the New American Century shared offices with the publication, and next door was the Philanthropy Roundtable, where Bain art directed for Philanthropy magazine. The Roundtable at that point was under the leadership of John P. Walters, who went on to become President George W. Bush’s Drug Czar.

Following the events of 9/11, the DC-based PROJECT FOR THE NEW AMERICAN CENTURY (PNAC) became a favorite target of conspiracy theorists. Founded by William Kristol and other leading neoconservatives, the organization had published a document in September of 2000 that made reference to a “new Pearl Harbor”, and some felt that this had been an outright declaration of intent to carry out what they viewed as a false-flag terrorist attack, which would occur the following year.

A little known fact is that PNAC was co-located with the Weekly Standard in the late ‘90s and early 2000s, during the time that Bain worked at the publication. If the conspiracy theorists are correct in their suspicions, one could surmise that he was certainly in the right place at the right time to have gained insider knowledge regarding 9/11.

In the mid-nineties, Bain was art director for the Oxford American magazine when it was published by John Grisham and located in Oxford, MS. In 2009, Bain helped author portions of U.S. Public Law 111-11, which designated three new wilderness areas.

For information on this book or the author, please contact Kris Millegan, Publisher, TrineDay, (800) 556-2012 or publisher(at)trineday(dot)net.

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Southern-Fried Apocalypse


Author’s Background & Book Info for

The Most Dangerous Book in the World & The Next 9/11?

Nationally-Significant Heritage
As a founder of the Mississippi Hills National Heritage Area, established by Congress in April 2009 and one of only 49 in the nation, S.K. Bain began his career as a graphic designer for Living Blues magazine, published by the Center for the Study of Southern Culture at the University of Mississippi. Bain recognized the common link between the legacies of an eclectic group of worldwide cultural icons as being the Mississippi Hills, and set about piecing together a conceptual framework in which their legacies could be properly interpreted and celebrated. He also linked together the necessary entities to help bring his vision to reality, recruiting a broad range of over fifty local, state and federal Founding Partners.


t was inevitable that this book would be written.

There is, among conspiracy aficionados, a kind of brotherhood. 
(I use the gender-specific term “brotherhood” deliberately.) It is a brotherhood buried alive. What does that mean?

Imagine a person buried alive. Imagine yourself. You are equal parts 
alive and dead. You are in your own tomb; you feel the sensations of mortality with a keenness you never did before. Death approaches. Or maybe it has already arrived and you just don’t know it yet. Edgar Allen Poe wrote about it.

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